Ac and Non-Ac Rooms

If you prefer an economical stay and treatment, you can choose a room wherein you have a choice of two categories of rooms. We provide you the best range of AC & Non AC Rooms with effective and timely delivery.


24*7 Doctor Support

There are times you need to consult a doctor in some emergency cases. Contact us to connect with experienced and qualified doctors instantly, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.


Ayurvedic Food

Ayurveda suggests pure vegetarian food habits to everyone. Ayurveda diet could lead you to healthy life. Ayurveda believes only in the natural purity. We offer our regional recipes with homemade vegetarian food for our guests.


Mind Relaxing Atmosphere and Ambience

We have extremely peaceful surroundings and you can enjoy the beauty of nature here. If you are tired from the routine of your busy city life, then Kasyapa offers Ayurvedic therapies, which can help remove all your anxieties and illnesses. We have authentic Panchakarma treatment, quiet Yoga Sessions, freshly prepared herbal decoctions and Organic Vegetarian Diet based on Ayurveda.


Steam Bath

It is considered as one among the Poorvakarmas (preparatory procedures). Different combinations of herbs are boiled in water and this medicated steam mobilizes accumulated aama (toxins inside the body) in the srotas (body channels) and thus fee your body of toxins. Usually the time period of Swedanam is, till the patient gets proper sweating all over the body. It gives a feeling of lightness, helps to reduce the fats collected even on extremities.


Clean and serene atmosphere

The beautifully landscaped surroundings, the calm, serene and benevolent atmosphere all make Kasyapa an ideal place for treatment and rejuvenation.

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